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    Pink and Blue Resin Coral for Fish Tank and Home

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    Challenge your pet's brain

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    Coral is neither a plant nor a mineral, but a fossil formed by the remains of countless coral insects. It grows naturally in the sea and has a unique shape. Now you can bring that uniqueness to your fish tank or home. Your fish will enjoy swimming through it, or you could place it on windowsills, shelves, etc. Available in 2 colors.

    Material: Resin

    Pink coral 16 * 6 * 24cm
    Blue coral 16 * 6 * 24cm

    One box of 24 pcs/box, outer size 42*47*59.5cm

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    Play safe

    It's imperative to keep a vigilant eye on your pet as they engage with the product, guiding them to understand its mechanics.

    Abstain from leaving your pet unattended with the product and prevent them from gnawing on the game or its individual parts.

    Should you notice any signs of damage, it's prudent to immediately discontinue usage.

    Strictly meant for pets, this item is unsuitable as a children's item.

    Once used by the pet, store it safely until the subsequent usage under your supervision.

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    Pink and Blue Resin Coral for Fish Tank and Home

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